Hints for Magic Candle III

By Marc Randall Kuhl, avatar0519@icqmail.com


This is my suggested walk-thru for Magic Candle III.

Your journal in MCIII is awesome! It automatically updates itself and, unlike previous games, will not be erased. You have the entire thing from start, to finish. The one drawback is this: If you end the game , other than using the menu, your journal workfiles will be corrupted and you will not be able to start the game until you delete the corrupted workfiles. I sually find the correupted files in the C:\ (root) directory but sometimes they are in the MC3 (install) directory. The file is a simple text file and you can edit it with an external editor if you want.

Now, because the journal is so awesome, I have not prepared this as a list of cheats. I have prepared it as a simple walkthru, telling the user what order to do things. I do start by making suggestions for forming a party at the start. As long as you have this journal, you just don't need to cheat.

This is my favorite game in the series. It's my favorite because 1) Instead of 1 big land mass, you explore a series of islands. 2) the Journal is awesome. 3) the graphics are better than the first two. I don't really care for the fact that you are almost forced to use a certain party to win, but to me, the strong points make up for it.

You must have the latest patch to win the game. Without the patch, you will not be able to find the mirror and Garz will not be allowed to sat his magic word.


One important thing to remember in this game is that it creates your journal automatically. If you quit without using the proper menu choices, the menu will be corrupted and you will need to delete the corrupted journal files before you can restart the game. You will need to refer to this journal a LOT. Because the journal keeps everything for you, this will not be a list of cheats! It is only a description of what order to do things in!

Create 3 companions at start. It doesn't matter who you pick. You won't be keeping any of them. Make sure one of them has tailoring skill if you want to use them to make money. Give another one smithing and the third one should have gem cutting.

Add Garz in the blighted woods. Whatever you do, do not let Garz die and not resurrect him. You can not win the game without Garz. At the castle drop the 3 you created. Add Fitz and Sakar. If you are a strong magic user, add Marsa. Now go to Telermain. Talk to everybody. A sign on Rabonkar's door will say he is gone to Deruvia and will be back. He never comes back. You have to play this game without his services. Visit both bars on the east side of the map and talk to everybody. There is a smith in Telermain and a gem shop that you could have people work at to make some money. I recommend the characters you designed at the start to do this. Come back now and then to have them trained so they can make more money at other times. Each time one of the characters you designed at the start goes home, they will go to the castle. There will be a man that will tell you about wizards in the Solihub area. To get him to talk you need a woman with a charm of 10 or better in your party. Talk to Darwin in the bar. He is from Voliplan and will tell you his city was destroyed. This will be important to remember later. If you did not add Marsa earlier, get Ralle to join you. I urge you not to buy from the tailor in Telermain.

Now go north of Telermain to Ketrop. When you see a skull appear in the woods, go around it for now.

There is a tailor in Ketrop. If you have a tailor, have them work here to make you some extra money.

Buy your food here. This is where it will be the most affordable. Do not buy from the tailor here, either. Save your money to shop at the tailor in Tiara. Get Tuff to join you here. Your party should now be full. Make money with Tuff!!! Go to the gambling halls and save your games before entering. Go in and gamble, exiting and saving if you win, or restore if you lose. Do this until the gambling hall is broke!

Now explore the rest of Oshcrun island and gain some experience by defeating the fixed encounter in the woods north of Telermain. These bugs are a bit tough for a starting party so I suggest you save before entering the battle. Now return to Telermain and get passage on the ship.

Travel by ship south to the first island, Kabelo. Find the Orc capital (Urkabel) and visit the king. He will tell you he doesn't want to help unless you can make peace with the goblins. Go to the next island to the south, Solihub, and see the Goblin chief in Serivu. They will give you a weapon to take back to the Orcs in exchange for their charter. They will demand a hostage in trade. Garz will volunteer. Make sure you visit Evixa and ask her to join. Evixa is a valuable companion. She can give you advice on portal combinations and Alvirex. Go back to Urkabel and trade the weapon for the charter. Go back to the Goblin city and give them the charter. Garz will travel back to the Orc palace. Go back there and dismiss Fitz then ask Garz to rejoin you. You should keep this basic party until you rescue Tori. Explore the rest of Kabelo then Head East to Segran to explore Qaldiur Tower.

Almost anybody in the Orc city can tell you about the password to get into Qaldiur. Go there and clear the tower out. Kaznur, the Orc god of justice is sleeping in the basement. At the top of the tower is a transport chamber. You should have enough chicken bones to transport out. If you don't, it shouldn't matter. You will find a halfling at the top that will offer to join you as a hireling. I don't recommend you accept his offer. You should already have Tuff and he should suit your needs.

Your next task is to find Alvirex. Stock up on mushrooms before you go! To get to him, you sail southeast to Illuria. Visit Elport first. People here will tell you that there are two ships for rent in Elport. Some will warn you that one of the captains is a pirate. Make sure that you do not get passage from him. He will steal all of your money! Explore the island of Illuria and find the village of Tiara. Here is the tailor shop to buy clothes from. Buy Elvenspun for everybody. People in Tiara or Elport may tell you of a magic mirror.

You may meet a male elf here that will offer to join you as a hireling.  When I have played, he has not always been available at every part of the game. While you can use him instead of Tori, Tori is better overall, so I recomend you use her and only use him if Tori is killed.

After you have Elvenspun for everybody and have been told about the mirror, it is time to go get the mirror.

Sail back past Kabelo to a small island called the Herring Isles. Visit Herrington and talk to everybody. Somebody will tell you about the dwarves in Borhelm. Sail west to the Island of Rastanna and search for the Dwarven mine, Borhelm. Talk to the dwarves and learn about their abandoned mines. You will meet a dwarf in the bar that will ask to join you as a hireling. Since you already have Sakar, you don't need him. Go explore the island and find the dwarf mines.

In the dwarf mines, you will find the magic mirror. Take this mirror and return to Illuria. Now it is time to visit Alvirex in the tower of Hiltmos. When you first go in, you will quickly find your way to the top, and find Alvirex has set a trap for you. When this happens, work your way back up to the top and meet Tori on the way. She is trapped her, and cannot join you until you confront Alvirex.

Once you find Alvirex, if you came without the mirror, he will simply refuse to talk to you. If you have the mirror, then whoever has the mirror will have to speak to him. Alvirex will tell you that he unleashed the blight but he cannot stop it. He will tell you that there is only one book that has the spell needed to stop the blight and that book is lost. Now go back down and talk to Tori, the elf. Dismiss Ralle or Marsa and take Tori. You should now have: Sakar, Evixa, Tori, Garz and Tuff as your companions. You will keep this basic party for the rest of the game.

Now it is time to explore Tasuria, the largest island on the map. When you discover Voliplan, do not land and explore. The monsters there will probably defeat your party and the treasure there just isn't worth the risk, yet. You will come back here later. Instead, go to Tasur and explore the western side of this city. Avoid East Tasur for now. You will need to come back here later. Talk to people to learn about Tasuria, and the gods and other parts of the map. Sail around to the southern side of the island. Here you will find a town not on the Solaria map. Go here and talk to people. If you do not have Evixa with you, one of the wizards here will urge you to go and get her. You will also learn that the forge that your weapon, Brennix, is in a mine to the south.

Now sail south to the frozen island of Minalt. You will find some mines. In here you will find monsters, a valuable magic weapon, and a ghost that will tell you to speak to Gorion in The old capital city. By now, you should have learned that the old capital city is in ruins and is now known as Neckros.

Go back to Tasuria. I recommend you go back to Tasur. Explore the Island of Tasuria, find the teleport buildings, the strongholds and finally, Neckros. Neckros has a lot of undead so be ready for a fight! Find the library and ask to speak to Gorion. Ask him to show you the spell book Alvirex mentioned. It will tell you that you need four pieces to construct the magic candle. Go out into Neckros and find the flint in a chimney.

Now go back to Tasur. By now, you should have learned that the chandler used to live in East Tasur and he buried the wick in a park. Go into east Tasur. I would recommend you explore the whole city for experience and treasure. Go to the park and use the shovel around the park to find the wick.

Now you should have been told by somebody that Darwin, from Voliplan raised bees. Go back to Telermain and ask him about wax. He will tell you where, in Voliplan, his house is at. Go now to Voliplan and get the wax from his house. I don't remember there being very much treasure in Voliplan so I just don't feel it was worth exploring the whole city.

Now visit the tower of Wesgar. You will find the Mold here. Go back to Tasur. If you do not have the party I recommended, the game may not end properly. If you allowed Tuff, Sakar or Tori to die then you have to go get one of the hirelings. The halfling is in Qaldiur, the dwarf is in Borhelm and the male elf is in Tiara. You must have one elf, one dwarf, one halfling and Garz in your party. You don't really need Evixa any more, you can use Fitz or Marsa or Ralle, but I recommend you keep Evixa. Now explore any part of Tasur you have not mapped. Make certain you have stocked up on every mushroom and food. Make sure you have one of each gem.

When you approach the tower, you will be told the blight is too strong and you can not approach the tower. You should have learned about some mines that you will have to use instead. If you do not have one dwarf, one elf, one halfling and Garz, you will not be allowed to enter the mines. Once you enter, there will be a cave-in, and you will be told you can not go back! You have reached the point of no return!

You will go through the mines and into the tower. When you come to the tower room with the gate, do not exit the tower! The blight will be so thick you can not get back in! in the room with the pools, use the gems on the pools to go on to the next floor.

At the very top, you will find an empty room. Give each piece of the candle to the appropriate person and have them assemble the candle. When it is all done, you whisper the last word and the game will end!