Hints for The Magic Candle

I played the game with:

Here is the general order I went places in:

IMHO, the greatest bang for the buck is to get 99 learning skills first for every character, so training has the max effect (+16 in skills for training). Then get someone high in charisma, and train the mages in magic. Get the spellbooks with Teleport and Fireball (Ishban I think). Get brom bows and methreal armor (in Kharin) for everyone. While the mages learn spells, send the others to close combat and archery school. Stock up on potions, gonshis, sermins, pearls, medicin, loka, a few ropes, enough picks, and bedrolls for everyone. You should have a very capable party then.

You can train in learning with the following townspeople:

Jason M. Spangler,