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Welcome to my small online shrine dedicated to the Magic Candle games (primarily the classic Magic Candle 1) published by Mindcraft Software. The Magic Candle is an epic computer role-playing game (RPG) especially detailed for its time (1989). Exceptional characteristics of the title include:

Obtaining The Magic Candle Games

The Magic Candle games can be very difficult to obtain since they have not been published in a very long time (I classify them as abandonware).  I suggest the following strategies for finding them:

I was unable to contact Mindcraft or Ali Atabek to ask for permission to distribute the game files.   If anyone could put me in touch with Ali, or if Ali or any other current copyright holders could contact me to give me permission (or deny me permission) to distribute the game files I would greatly appreciate it.

The Magic Candle, Keys of Maramon, and Bloodstone are trademarks of Mindcraft Software. The following files are copyrighted by Mindcraft Software or the original authors.

Files and Links

The Magic Candle

The Keys to Maramon

The Magic Candle 2

The Magic Candle 3


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